Aluminium coated

Aluminium coated steel according to rules EN 10154-96

Aluminium coated steel represents a last generation support, widely used in the automotive industry as it has excellent anti-corrosive properties and, at the same time,  it is easily paintable. Moreover, these types of steel are used when an excellent resistance to heat and to corrosion is required. Aluminium-coated steel is composed by a steel core, coated on both surfaces by means of an aluminium/silicon alloy layer. The manufacturing process consists in immersing the steel band in a bath composed by aluminium (90%) and silicon (10%). This operation take place in a non-oxidizing atmosphere.

G.B.N. utilizes the following aluminised steels:

DX51D+AS          : specific for forming and bending
DX52D+AS          : specific for deep drawing